Go (Weiqi) Open


SATURDAY, FEB. 16 – 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

DESERT SKY GAMES, 3875 W. Ray Road, Suite #7, Chandler, 85226

Registration starts at 11 a.m. on site.   The tournament is open to the public.  Registration is free.

All games will be played according to AGA (American Go Association) rules.  The tournament will adapt the partial circulation method for the games.  Three rounds will be played.  There will be four divisions:

(A) 2d and above, (B) 3k-1d and (C) 8k-4k, (D) 9k and below.  There will be a handicap for some games.

Three winners will be determined for each division.  For information and e-mail registration, contact

Quan Li, 602-326-7556 or at qb081449@gmail.com or Bill Gundberg, 480-831-5567 or at bill@azgoclub.org or Wayne Xu at 480-528-6778 or waynexu2000@yahoo.com *NOTE:  In the e-mail registration, include the following data: name, rank (based on AGA rating or the equivalent), telephone and e-mail address.

2012 Go Tournament 


2012 Tournament Winners

Division A – Chun-Hong Chen (8d) and Jeremy Cain (4d)

Division B – William Gundberg (1k) and Jonathan Holtrop (1k)

Division C – Richard Hardy (5k) and Howard Liu (6k)

Division D – Marty Luad (11k) and Guillermo Molano (11k)

Images courtesy of Quan Li


Chun-Hong Chen 8D Wins Phoenix Chinese Week Go Open

American Go Association, Monday February 13, 2012